This work undertaken at Bronwyn Rogers Design Studio under the direction of Bronwyn Rogers. 

The bush and being connected to nature is central to the schools philosophy and serves as one of the primary features that make BCGS such a unique school. Each year the school releases a biannual magazine titled the 'Grammarian' and a yearbook titled the 'Bonifacian'. These showcase all the amazing activities that go on at the school. Each year the iconic "Grammarian G"  and
"Bonifacian B" are featured on the covers. In 2014 we built the letters out of elements that express the season and ecology of the school at the time. Each letter was physically constructed in studio and imposed onto the covers. 

The publications can be viewed and read here. 

Alongside this the school required a new website. A natural, interactive, and fresh design was introduced in order to express the spirit and vitality of the school. See the live site here.

Each year the school fundraises through an annual giving event. A ‘Help your School Flourish’ concept was developed with a 3D
pop-up flower that would blossom when the brochure was opened. The brochure also acts as a memento of your contribution long after your donation has been received.